LDS Testimony Meeting 5/5/13 10:57 AM



LDS Service 5/5/13 10:57 AM

My comments begin at 48:16 and resume at 01:05:08.

This is the LDS testimony meeting from the 45th Ave meetinghouse in northeast Salem, where I was pushed aside by a member of the congregation who began to quote Galatians 1:6. This “scripture” frets over those who try to convert people to Christianity by way of “other” gospels which pervert the gospel of Christ. This self-righteous passage of the LDS cannon which the man quoted goes on to claim that such individuals who declare these “other” gospels will be “accursed.” Unfortunately this man did not see the irony of the possibility that the message he was defending while cutting off my time at the pulpit was the “other” gospel being referred to in this purported epistle of Paul’s. There were a few more testimonies after the interrupter which off-handedly dismissed some of the claims I had just made and then the meeting concluded.

After the service I was confronted by two elder gentlemen who debated with me for a while before admitting to being lawyers. They continued to engage me for a bit after their confession while defending the man who rudely insinuated that I was “accursed”, but it wasn’t long before they were kicking me out of the building.

I began cross-dressing to religious meetinghouses of all sorts after learning of some Mormon women who received death threats for starting an event called ‘Wear Pants to Church Day.’ Having since recorded at least 60 different services, most of which have been different religious denominations, I continue to advocate for critical thought as I stand for the marginalized and underrepresented. Although the LDS church has officially excommunicated and banned me from their property, there were a few wards that seemed glad to have me in their midst and thankfully nearly every other religious community I’ve visited has been at least tolerant, if not warm and welcoming when I visit.

As I continue Kaufmaning Jesus, I hope to inspire the people of the United States to emulate the leaders they revere and think critically about the leaders they select to represent them; if Americans continue to autovote for Dempublicans who are beholden primarily to moneyed interests, we will continue to see our nation spiral out of control as we allow our planet to become uninhabitable and bombs to fall on the heads of our fellow humans. We must vote 3rd party unless our incumbent representative is really that amazing, and demand electoral reform as a requirement for our representatives’ to maintain their job security.

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